The inscription above the school Library, which was built as a memorial to those who died in WWI.

The inscription above the school Library, which was built as a memorial to those who died in WWI.

The History Department at Berkhamsted Collegiate School welcomes you to this Web Site of remembrance.

During the two World Wars, Berkhamsted School lost 368 pupils, both past and present, and this Web Site is dedicated to them. The inscription to the right stands above the Library at Castle Campus, which, perhaps the most lasting memorial to those who gave their lives, was built following the Great War.

A searchable Index of those who lost their lives in WWI, and eventually, it is projected, those who died in WWII form the basis of this Web Site’s contents.

Berkhamsted are pleased to present this pioneering tribute to those to whom we owe so much and feel that the words of Charles Greene, shown to the right, inspire us in that end.

Their best memorial was in the hearts of those who knew them, but it was wished that there might be a memorial that would appeal to generations yet unborn.

Charles Henry Greene (Headmaster 1910-1927), Founder’s Day 1916.

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