Chalmers Collective Agreement

You may not have registered more than 35 days of vacation at any given time. If you still have leave at the end of your employment, you should be compensated by law by paying 4.6% of your monthly salary for each day of paid leave. It should be noted that you must use at least 20 of your indicated days off each year, only the rest can potentially be stored for an additional year. More information and details can be found in the “Collective Agreement” below. Your discount symbol depends on your level of activity during the semester. Each semester, the Chalmers Students` Union receives information from Chalmers University on PhD students eligible for their respective awards. These lists are submitted at the end of the registration period for the first study period of each semester. For example for 2020/2021, the period for HT2020 ended at 2020-09-07 (see here for details:, which means that the information will not be transmitted as soon as possible to Chalmer`s Studentenwerk: 2020-09-08. There is a period of time that allows you to use your previous SU cards before activating travel discounts for the current semester. Use your old student card valid until. B 2020-09-30. In the agreement, there is a third level of support that is not available to PhD students.

Since the recently amended agreement, transitional provisions are currently in place for PhD students who terminate their employment before 31 2016. In this case, you are also entitled to the third level of the current agreement, in addition to those mentioned above, which means: – (in Swedish) articles on why PhD students received less support in the new agreement. Note: DS has been informed in the past of cases where departments have refused to pay for the remaining leave. Contacts with the union (Saco) showed that the refusal was illegal in these cases. All PhD students should be aware that if you still have days off at the end of your contract, you are entitled to compensation. If your boss refuses, you can refer to the collective agreement. You can also speak to your local union representative. The curriculum is more than an agreement on future work; It is our tool to prove that we are on the right track to get our doctorate, and if not, we should use it to anticipate problems. This document also allows us to say that it will be better or more monitored if it is not implemented according to the curriculum.