Sofa Agreement Sri Lanka Pdf

Marapana also pointed out that the Sri Lankan government (GSL) has not been able to accept clauses that pre-provided diplomatic privileges and immunities for U.S. personnel (defined as members of the U.S. armed forces and civilians from the U.S. Department of Defense) under the agreement. However, Sri Lankans remain skeptical. Part of the problem lies in the fact that there is “little information in the public” about the “specifics” of the agreements. SOFA Doesy, currently under negotiation, is attempting to update an agreement reached between the United States and Sri Lanka in 1995. The 1995 document also contained an immunity clause. A high-level source, well aware of the discussions, explained why this provision could no longer be supported and explained that this was due to the fact that Sri Lanka had passed the Diplomatic Privileges Act No. 9 of 1996.