An Art Exhibition in Memory of the Loss of Berkhamsted School During World War II

Berkhamsted School mainly teaches coeducation to students in pre-prep school, prep school and sixth form. It mainly accommodates students between the ages of 11 and 16. The school has several sites which are at the Pre-Prep School, the Prep School, Kings Road Campus and the Castle Street Campus.

This school has a rich history which dates back to the World War II. In addition, the school is known for its characteristic collegiate and pastoral structure. It further has different sporting events, outdoor education and cultural co-curricular programme. The Berkhamsted School also participates in the life of the community.
A major event for this school is the art exhibition in memory of the loss of Berkhamsted School during WW2. There was an official opening of the school’s exhibition room. This event is huge for the school and attracts participants from different walks of life. Moreover, the occasion has different sponsors and media partners.
The exhibition room is well-set by a qualified archivist who understands the school’s history. Furthermore, the oldest part of the school is home to the Store, Archive Office and Exhibition Room. The kind of material that you will find here dates back to 1541 when the school began. There are fascinating resources about the history of the school, and its life to date.

You will see the remnants of the original, the seals of appointments of headmasters, and the books written about this journey. You will find information about the boys who died during the WW2, and the headmaster at that time.

You will also get a feel of the uniforms samples at that time which is from the early decades of the twentieth century. The uniforms will be for boys and girls. There are even copies of the school magazines and other information. You can therefore make arrangements to be part of this elaborate history that is centuries old.
Moreover, you can get details about the students’ artwork which reflects what WW2 meant to Berkhamsted School. You will also learn a lot from the Castle Campus which is a Memorial Library to the members of staff and boys who served in World War I. The artwork is beautifully displayed, and you will enjoy being part of this event.